In-House Design & Engineering

52 In-House Engineers

Our experienced design and structural engineers create and prepare unique design solutions for our Customers. During the design stage of the building, a designated team performs a thorough analysis and assessment by taking into account all the risks and opportunities. Our team always submits recommendations for possible optimisations in order to help Customers to reduce cost and reach the most efficient solution. The main goal that goes toe to toe with organisational culture is to be efficient and apply the highest quality and standards.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Approach

BIM is used to improve the efficiency of the construction processes, reduce waste and improve quality of the buildings. It also helps to enhance facade technology design and systems analysis, construction planning, management, communication and coordination between designers, fabricators, contractors and installers. Overall, BIM helps to improve facades technical performance. In fact, we have already started to export production drawings and material orders from 3D model in several projects. It has greatly helped to reduce the amount of errors and workforce needed for the specific tasks.

Benefits of Using Associated Technologies

For design of the facades our design department uses one of the most advanced CAD systems – CATIA. This system is commonly used by the aerospace and automotive industry giants and it was adapted specifically to meet our needs in the construction industry. It delivers the unique ability to model any product in the context of its real-life behavior. Recently, our organization was presented as one the best examples in the field of engineering on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, demonstrating the successful implementation of international cooperation between the customer-partner-manufacturer. None Lithuanian company has been mentioned and presented as a case study at such international level. Our design team moves into the Constructions era: 4.0.