Our Team

Our subsidiary KG Service is responsible for carrying out installation and service works. The team comprises of around 100 employees. One project team consists of 8-10 people, who are trained and certified to carry out installation works at site and follow all the necessary procedures in order to meet the highest standards that we and our Customers apply. Our installation teams have won many awards from the contractors during the course of the project as the 'safest sub-contractor' at site.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is our priority No. 1. Every employee of KG Service goes through H&S training before entering every project - in order to comply with all H&S and Quality standards. Individual instructions are prepared for the project according to Client‘s regulations and international standards such as ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001. Moreover, for every project we specifically prepare: Project Quality Management Plan, Quality Control Plan, Environmental Control, H&S at Work Plan as well as H&S Management System Instructions together with Risk analysis. To be proud of, over the last 5 years - zero serious injuries were recorded at a construction site.

Installation Process

For every project we carry out construction site situation analysis and prepare detailed project installation methodology, which is presented to our Customers. Depending on a building's size and height the installation method is then chosen. Our team can work with all types of equipment: spider crane, tower crane, mobile crane or monorail system. Our goal is to spend as less time as possible at the construction site in order to help our Customers to implement the project faster and reduce costs. We deliver our pre-fabricated products on time and in advance, so that installation process would be continuous and uninterrupted.