Transportation to Site

Our own logistics company KG Transport is taking care of international deliveries to our Customers.

Planning and Managing

With a help of integrated tool in our CRM system, our logistics department is able to plan the need for resources in advance. We use Non-conformities management system in every stage and process. Every error must be solved in a way that it won't happen again - starting from the root cause analysis. In 2020, during 100% of our export trips (441) to Scandinavia water transport was used. The usage of ferries helps to reduce CO2 because it shortens the trip and ferries are carrying many vehicles at the same time.

Euro 6 Standard Truck Park

Our own Group company KG Transport is taking care of the facade elements delivery to the construction site. All our trucks are certified by Euro 6 standard, in this way we ensure lower CO2 emission to the environment. Moreover, by having our internal logistics company we can ensure maximum flexibility, „just-in-time“ delivery to site and enhanced protection.