KG Constructions Group (KGCG) is one of the largest producers of aluminum and glass facade structures in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. This year, KGCG’s activities will mainly cover the Swedish (41%), Danish (23%) and Norwegian (19%) markets and the rest in other markets. In 2021, planned sales revenue should reach 50-55 million.

Why is Sales Management at KGCG the right job for you?

  • International Business: You benefit from broad business perception.
  • Customer Management: You acquire and support companies of all sizes. Working with the well-known ‘global players’.
  • Unique Product: Not only you, but also your customers will be surprised at the diverse possibilities of our facade solution offers.
  • Teamwork: With us you are not just a lone warrior, but will always be supported by our team members in the successful handling of projects.
  • Challenge: If you have the right ‘nose’, you will always have potential projects on your radar.
  • Dynamics: Constant communication and different business environments.

Your Tasks

  • Develop and maintain relations with Clients in Sweden.
  • Attend meetings at all tender stages (including giving presentations, and presenting proposals).
  • Monthly reporting on sales activity and tender workload to CCO.
  • Step-in and resolve critical issues when needed.
  • Define products and solutions, tender drawings, reports and other technical issues.
  • Prepare and distribute contract documents for review to different departments.

We expect from you

  • Experience: 5+ years within the façade glazing, curtain walling industry.
  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.
  • Strong knowledge of the façade business, broad and well developed network-relationships with façade consultants, architects, main contractors etc.
  • A good knowledge of the region.
  • The ability to provide excellent customer service.
  • Strong business and people management skills.
  • Sensitivity to different cultural norms.
  • Ability to sell on quality over price.

If you’re the right person, please contact our HR Department: 

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