54 our employees planted more than 13 000 trees


April 22 is a day to celebrate our love for Mother Earth, standing together in solidarity and reflecting on the beauty and importance of our planet!

At our organization, love for the Earth isn’t just a sentiment, it’s a commitment backed by action. Our dedication to our customers remains unwavering, and one of the ways we express our love for the environment is by planting trees in Lithuania.

Last Friday was a monumental day for us as we achieved not one, but two incredible records!  Over 50 of our motivated employees joined forces for a tree-planting campaign, and a total of 150 participants took part in this initiative organized by the Nacionalinis neliečiamojo miško paramos fondas and our partners Pasodinkmedi.lt.

Together, we accomplished something truly remarkable – planting more than 13,000 trees of various species in one day.

Our organization’s contribution alone amounted to almost half of that, with a staggering 4503 trees planted! This forest that we’ve created will be a vital asset in absorbing CO2 emissions and preserving our planet.

Amazing fact: per year, one conifer type of tree will absorb 25 kg of CO2 emissions! In 2 years time KG Constructions Group have planted more than 13,000 trees which symbolize the products that we create and projects that we implement.

But our journey doesn’t end here! We’re committed to continuing our efforts and we invite everyone to join us in showing love for the Earth through meaningful actions, not just words.

Together, we can make a real difference and ensure a brighter, greener future for generations to come!