“Flow” project in Vilnius reached the final floor


“Flow” project in Vilnius reached the final one (20th) floor and received its 1173 unitised curtain wall units with extruded aluminum fins.

During the design process, the decision was made to refuse any intermediate metal or element divisions at the ground floor in order to have the cleanest possible look from inside the building. Due to the statics, additional reinforcement was needed and this is how tall, solid elements of 8000 mm appeared in the project and now on the construction site. 2 such „brother“ units was installed in total.

“KG Constructions Group” is responsible for almost 11 000 m2 of unitised and stick curtain walls design, production, logistics, installation and project management.

The business center consist of two connected structures of 15 and 20 floors. “Flow” represents the modern architecture of Vilnius and the modern face of the city.

“Flow” offering a unique atmosphere, where employee wellbeing, inspiration and ability to stay physically active is amongst key priorities.

“Flow” is the 2nd project with KGC‘s unique bespoke unitised façade system and the first completed project.

“KGC Switzerland’s” design team, with extensive experience working with the world’s most famous architects and projects, including the world’s tallest “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai, “The Gherkin” Skyscraper in London and many others, was actively involved in the system’s development, testing, production and quality processes.

“Flow” aim for the highest certification standard „BREEAM Outstanding“.

Such large projects in Lithuania as “Artery”, “Flow”, “Skylum”, “Teltonika HQ S14” increased the share of the Lithuanian market even up to 48%.This year Lithuania accounts for about 21% of our order basket.

In 2023 “KG Constructions Group” is planned to reach 85 million.