„KG Constructions Group“: 2021 year in review and future plans


KG Constructions Group (KGC) – one of the largest producers of aluminum and glass facade structures in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries is building a factory with an A+ office building, opened new offices in the United Kingdom and  in the Switzerland and plans to increase revenue by 65% ​​this year.

“Currently, the level of approved orders for 2022-2023 is the highest in the history of the KG Constructions Group and reaches over 115 million. eur. Over the next few months, we plan to increase the cart of confirmed orders by another 50 to 60 million eur. in 2023-2024. eur. KGC Group has not yet had an order basket of this size, ”said KGCG CEO.

According to unaudited data, KG Constructions Group ended the year 2021 with 43 million. eur sales revenue. They were 10% lower than in 2020. According to unaudited data, the EBITDA of the group of companies in 2021 should reach 5 million. eur when 2020 EBITDA was 7.07 million. eur.

2022 the company plans to reach 70 mln. eur sales revenue, 2023 – 100 million eur.

“In 2021, we successfully achieved our goals. In July, we buried a symbolic capsule and renewed the design of a new, modern factory that had matured for 8 years. It will be one of the largest and most modern facade aluminum-glass construction factories in Northern Europe, ”says L. Karžinauskas.

The project should be completed by the middle of this year. Construction has accelerated and total investment in this development will reach 15million Eur.

The company’s development in this territory will be implemented in two stages. During the first stage, the shop floor with an administrative building attached are going to raise, 13,800 sq. m. in total in which the company invests 10 mln. eur. An additional 5 million. eur is invested in new innovative equipment and technological lines. The old factory will continue to operate.

In the second stage of development this year, the company will start designing another 13,500 sq. m. production factory with an administrative building, which will be used for new production activities and products of the group of companies. The start of the second stage of construction is planned for 2023–2024. The expansion will increase production and administrative space to 35,000 sq. m.

Today, we are already a team of 462 employees! During the next year we are planning to create over 200 workplaces.