„KG Constructions Group“ has donated over 30 000 Eur to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

„KG Constructions Group“ together with employees has donated over 30 000 Eur. for the „Ministry of Defense of Ukraine“ and encourages other businesses to  don’t remain be indifferent and unite. Right now Ukraine needs our actions, not just prayers.
“As the Russian war in Ukraine continues, let us remember how we can help everyone. Ukraine is fighting for the freedom of us all, so during this period, each of us can not only but also help the people of Ukraine not only morally but also materially. Now more than ever, it is important to remain united and ready to help”, says Linas Karžinauskas, CEO of KGCG.
“We are against war and any type of violence and feel deeply sorry for the people of Ukraine and cannot even imagine what they have to go through. As an organization, we do not have any projects, contracts or direct relations in Russia or Belarus”, – added Linas Karžinauskas.
In addition to the above assistance, we help people who are experiencing the horrors of war in other ways:
  • Employment: we have registered in various organizations that help Ukrainian refugees to find jobs in Lithuania and have already employed two people.
  • Aid: the company and our employees have bought food supplies, various medical, hygienic products and toys for children to be delivered to Ukraine and for arrived refugees.
  • Communication: speaking, not keeping quiet, not letting to forget and encouraging other businesses and individuals to do the same and help through all media channels.
  • Procurement: no products that include Russian or Belarussian materials will be bought from our suppliers or countries that support war and war crimes against innocent people (Russia, Belarus).

Let’s all continue to support Ukraine in the best way we can. “Unity, strength and determination of fighters”, – wished Linas Karžinauskas, CEO of the company.