KGC Group will set-up 4 new processing machineries

By December, this year, together with our partners SchücoKG Constructions Group” will set up 4 new processing machineries, which will help to extend the fabrication of the profile’s working time, will give us less downtime, will be more flexibility as well as it will almost double our processing speed. Also, it will help “KG Constructions Group” to implement projects smoothly.
KG Constructions Group” already has the 1st out of 4 machines: “Schuco AF 510”. Later on, in November “Schuco AF 310”, “AF 450” and another “AF 510” will arrive. Also, the latter (“AF 510”) will get the additional boost – robotic hand in January 2024, which will autonomously load and unload the profiles.
It is important to mention, that “KG Constructions Group” investments into fixed assets within the last 3 years reach more than 23 mln. Eur.
“I truly believe, that at the moment, our factory is one of the most innovative from a technological standpoint with comfortable, new, and bright environments in Europe when talking about the façade manufacturers”, – says Linas Karžinauskas, CEO of the KGC Group. „Moreover, our older factory is also being strengthened with newer machinery, so that there wouldn‘t be any difference where the particular project‘s facade elements are being produced. It is altogether a huge and accurate process – to be an efficient manufacturer. We always have to calculate, plan, and predict how to have more and more smooth processes around the actual element production in order to be quick and accurate at the assembly lines, where our main product is being produced for our Clients”, – adds Linas Karžinauskas.