KG Constructions Group welcomes Tomas Buziliauskas as the new COO


January brought new winds to the KG Constructions Group – Tomas Buziliauskas, who has many years of experience in manufacturing companies, started working as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

T. Buziliauskas has played a key role in such companies as „Heineken“, „PKC Group Lithuania“, „Brasta Pack“, and held the position of Production Director at „Narbutas International“.

Our new COO will concentrate mostly on internal company processes, team building and efficiency improvement. As Tomas says, one of the main things that impressed him about KG Constructions Group is the end product that the company creates.  

„In my eyes, this organization creates art. That scale, design and image – I want to be a part of it. First of all, together with the team, I want to prepare and organize some internal processes – review the team structures and evaluate their effectiveness. Only after realizing this and creating a solid foundation, we will be able to move towards successful and efficient growth“. 

Tomas takes over part of the responsibilities from Chief Executive Officer Linas Karžinauskas, who will continue to participate in the company’s strategic changes as a board member and shareholder. 

L. Karžinauskas is open, this year special attention will be paid to the efficiency of the organization: “mature management team needs attention and we want to give as much as it is needed. This is the reason why we have decided to strengthen the C-level management team with an additional person, who will take over most of the managerial functions. This year, the focus is not on growth, as it was in the past few years, but on improving efficiency and profitability. My main goal will be to focus on the strategic planning for the future of the Group of companies.

Serious strategic changes in the KGC Group began back in 2021 when offices in London and Basel with fully formed and experienced teams were opened and operations of market entry began. In the same year, the company invested more than 17 million euros in the construction of a modern factory and office. During 2023 The number of employees of KG Constructions Group increased to 600, and the total amount of investments reached more than 20 million euros.