KGC Group employees participated in the first Lithuanian forklift championship


In June, the world’s largest forklift championship and the first such championship in Lithuania took place, which was organized by “Alwark”.

At the event, the matches were divided into two groups of tasks, where the participants could choose to participate – individually or in team matches. Team tasks require intuitive abilities and experience. In the individual events, the participants had to show concentration and skills in handling the loader.

A total of 40 teams competed in the championship, and the best 6 made it to the finals.

We are glad that the representatives of “KG Constructions Group”: Dmitrij, Richard and Viktoras demonstrated their speed, determination and desire to win in the first and only Lithuanian forklift championship.

The guys competed in both individual and team events. Congratulations to our colleagues who made it to the finals among the 6 best Lithuanian teams and took an honorable 5th place in the team competition! The men showed great abilities and completed the tasks in 5 minutes and 31 seconds.​​

“It feels good to be among the best. We proved that we are worth it”, – said a colleague who represented the company.