“KG Service” has organized trainings for the installation team for a safer working environment


Recently, our installation team had training – “Rescue in the event of a fall”. The training was organized by “SafetyRespect” UAB and led by Tautvydas Jukna specializes in fall protection. “SafetyRespect” is a part of the Swedish capital group, whose main activity is the design and implementation of solutions for safe work at height.

When working at heights, it is necessary to use safety equipment – helmets, harnesses, fall arresters, but this alone is not enough – it is necessary to anticipate before starting work if the safety equipment used will work as intended and prevent the worker from falling from a height. Justinas L., head of the Installation Department at our subsidiary “KG Service”, took the initiative to organize training for the installation team and effectively assist a colleague who has experienced a fall.

The training was intended not only for employees performing work at height, but also for their managers. They provided theoretical information on the risks of working at height, the tools used to manage those risks, rescue procedures and how to provide first aid to a person who has fallen.

During the practical part, a situation was simulated where an employee fell while working at the edge of the floor and hung 2-3 meters below the edge of the floor, and colleagues performed rescue operations in several different scenarios. Workers had the opportunity to get up close and personal with what it means to fall from a height, hang in harnesses, and how to rescue a fallen person. The training helped to assess the risks of working at height in a completely different way. They observed that after such and similar training, workers began to take more care of their own safety, realizing that their lives depended on the use of the appropriate safety measures that were provided to them.

After this training, our team of installers further increased the level of security in all their projects. In the event of an accident – if you fall from a height, we have very little time to lift the employee, release it from the harness, so from now on, each installation team will have modern rescue equipment provided by “SafetyRespect”.

To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28, the company also plans to organize training for other teams. The aim of this training is to show the attention of the public, companies and, above all, employees to the importance of ensuring safety and health in the workplace.