KGCG office building: non-farmal, bright, harmonious ‎‎


When designing the “KG Constructions Group” building, the architect sought to combine the production and administrative parts into a single volumetric composition. In this way, the integrity of the building was emphasized both in the exterior and interior and the atrium, which became a connecting space, required the most ingenuity of the interior designers and became the glass heart of the building.

Non-farmal KGCG factory’s production building

Usually, in such buildings, the administrative part becomes the main focus -it uses more sophisticated architectural solutions and more expensive materials. During the preparation of the KG Constructions Group building project, it was aimed that these parts would form a harmonious ensemble with clearly expressed common features: a calm color solution of the facades consisting of several shades of gray, the division of glass surfaces of the same module.


Rest between bentgrass

A swamp near the building became an unexpected discovery for A. Daunoravičius, and when digging began, a view of an unusual landscape opened up – tall bentgrass growing in the lowlands, swaying in the gusts of wind. In this part of the plot, the area intended for the auxiliary functions of the building has become a place for employees to rest, allowing them to take advantage of the advantages provided by nature: an additionally designed path, benches, a basketball court.

A gym installed in the administrative part of the building at the customer’s request is probably a common attribute of modern office buildings, but the additional opportunity to go out to the open terrace and exercise in the fresh air gives this leisure area much more functionality. In order to emphasize the integrity of the terrace and the surrounding space, extremely transparent glass was used for the railings, allowing you to enjoy the panorama without any interruptions.

Ideas from the company’s activities

The interior of the office building, like the exterior of the building, mainly combines natural, real materials: glass, concrete, gray metal structures, stainless steel, natural wood. When choosing materials, surfaces, details, the aim was to maintain a harmonious balance between elements, to place accents in the right places.

‎‎ In order to prevent the interior spaces from becoming monotonous, bright red accents have appeared in some, perhaps even slightly unexpected places – this is a subtle allusion to the logo of the building’s owners, “KG Constructions Group”.

‎‎ “A lot of attention to the employee himself and his well-being. Ergonomic workplaces are designed to be bright and comfortable. Height-adjustable desks are used throughout the office, so you can take care of your body well-being at work as well. In addition, there are several rest areas, a coffee area, a gym and other essential facilities needed for the functional operation of the office”,  – says designer.

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