April was announced as the month of LEAN in the “KG Constructions Group”


“KG Constructions Group” started the lean path more than four years ago. Today it is an integral part of the management and culture of an organization. LEAN not only helps to capture problems in a timely manner, to find a solution quickly, but also to eliminate value-creating processes. Thanks to LEAN, we can create more value with fewer resources.

April was announced as LEAN month in the company. Once a week, information on the key principles, methods and goals of LEAN was shared with employees on Yammer’s social network. Randomly, employees were invited to coffee, where colleagues shared good practices from previous experiences, as well as shared ideas about what LEAN means to them, longer working employees remembered the start of LEAN in the company, and how far we have come. We had to understand what that lean was, remembered the start of LEAN in the company and how far we had come.

In addition, all employees were able to offer “Kaizen” throughout April, and four of the best and most profitable ideas for the organization were awarded at the end of the month.

The first place and 500 Eur. for the most valuable “Kaizen” of the month (idea) went to Aidas, the Design Engineering Manager, who proposed to separate the specification of fixing materials from the general specification. The submitted proposal will save the group of companies 103,500 EUR. per year.

The second place and 200 Eur. went to BIM Engineer Rasa, who came up with and implemented 4 “Kaizen” in one month. The prizes worth 100 Eur went to the two employees who were the fastest and answered the most questions about LEAN.

We are glad that every employee can contribute to the optimization of processes. Actively involved employees generated a lot of new ideas “In 20201 alone, the KGCG group has implemented 186 “Kaizens” and saved 342 thousand Eur, while in 2020 131 “Kaizens” were implemented, the benefits of which amount to as much as – 309 thousand Eur, “-says L. Karžinauskas, CEO of the company.