Official: Construction of a new factory and A+ office building has begun


Conresta will take care of KG Constructions Group’s plant and A + office construction

KG Constructions Group, one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum and glass facade structures in Northern Europe, and Conresta, well-known construction company in Lithuania, have signed a construction agreement under which Conresta is committed to complete the construction of the new KG Constructions Group factory and A + office space next to Vilnius, on Moletai road until April 2022. Construction process has already begun and the total investment will reach 10 million. Eur.

KGC Group has acquired a six hectare territory and will carry out the development of a new area. In 2021, the Company will build a factory of 13,800 m² along with an administrative building to design and manufacture aluminum-glass facade products.

Compared to the currently available 7,000 sq. m. area of production facilities, new production area will increase to 10,600 sq. m. The office space will also be expanded almost threefold (up to 3,200 sq. m.). The expansion of KG Constructions Group’s plant will double production capacity – from 100,000 to 200,000 sq. m. per year.

The pandemic did not affect the results and future plans

“Covid-19 did not affect our performance. Our group of companies definitely needs expansion – strategic plans are being implemented quickly, and the needs of large customers are constantly growing. We have to move forward, justify the trust we have already earned and offer only the highest quality solutions that go along with the trends”, – says Linas Karžinauskas, CEO of the company.

Compared to 2019, sales revenue of the group of companies grew by 19% in 2020 and reached 49 million euro. According to unaudited data, in 2020 the EBIDTA of the group companies grew almost 1.8 times, reaching 7.07 million euro. In 2019, the group’s sales revenue was 41.9 million euro, while the EBIDTA stood at 3.94 million euro.

Sustainability-based solutions and green energy

The A + energy class office will be equipped with an intelligent building management system that will help monitor and control the building’s ventilation, heating, electricity consumption and other systems. It is planned to install a solar power plant on the roof of the building. KG Constructions Group’s current solar power plant covers 32% of its total annual electricity consumption. One third of the electricity used by the whole group of companies comes from renewable sources. “Our future goal is to cover up to 80% of the annual electricity consumption with a new solar power plant”, – says CEO.

The A + energy efficiency office building will feature original architecture and interior, high-quality finishing materials, as well as an energy-efficient double-glazed façade. The facade will be equipped with automatic blinds for solar control.