The social initiative “Let‘s keep our future safe”


The new school year for many children and their parents is associated with a new beginning, a joy of science and cognition. For the 3rd year in a row we have supported a social initiative called “Let’s Keep Our Future Safe” organised by “Saugi pradžia”.

The purpose of this initiative – to increase the number of safe and visible 1st graders on streets. During the meeting with pupils they are taught how to travel safely from home to school. Also, it is demonstrated how to properly wear light reflectors and vests. During the 11 years of this social initiative, 450 schools in all Lithuania have been visited, more than 40 thousand light reflectors have been given.

From the very beginning of the company, we strive to be a socially responsible company and to support various communities to generate positive and long-term results for them. Our ambition is not only to build, design or produce, we also want to contribute to positive solutions and create additional social value. We believe that this way we can make a meaningful contribution to creating a better society.

For the next 4 -5 years we will be following our confirmed Sustainability Strategy in which we have highlighted the most important goals. Our strategy includes topics not only for employees but also for local communities and the creation of a safe environment. We are proud to be a part for social initiative “Let’s Keep Our Future Safe” and to contribute to good works and the well-being of the community.