In-House Production

73 000+ m2 of Unitised curtain walls production per year

Each production process is subject to continuous optimization and controlled with KPI's regarding lean methods. We are capable of processing a variety of aluminium profiles; 4 assembly lines with an annual average production capacity of 100,000 sq. m., separate assembly areas for large and non-repetitive special products and logistics, quality, packing.

In-House Production

At the factory, where production and storage room space exceeds 7000 sq. meters, we work with some of the most modern metal and bent tin-plate processing equipment. This allows us to speed up production processes, as well as to reduce and optimize production costs. KGC continuously invests in the most modern technologies and aims to quickly react to changing and increasing customer needs. For our customers, we offer only top-quality production and the most modern and innovative products.

Wide Range of Equipment

Our equipment processes not only aluminium profiles used for windows, doors and facades, but also produces steel thermo profiles and various bent tin-plate products, which are broadly used in aluminium-glass constructions. Tin and steel bending equipment allows us to independently produce bent units necessary for aluminium constructions and optimize production completion process even further. Therefore, we are less dependent on suppliers of such production.