Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Main contractor: UAB Eika
Architect: UAB Vilniaus Archprojektas, Saulius Pamerneckis
Developer: UAB Eika
Completion: 2016
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

“Žalgirio 135” is a project in Žalgirio street, designed for those who are inspired by the faced-paced city life. The name of the project refers to an active and quickly developing area in Vilnius.

High-quality walls, made of assembled reinforced concrete, ensure warmth and excellent sound insulation. The reinforced concrete does not only meet the highest standards, is stable and lasting, but also ensures a higher fire resistance of the building. Three-layer wall slabs were used for this project. They were produced at the factory and simply assembled on the construction site, which allowed us to avoid mistakes during the project progress.