Location: Švedija, Linköping
Main contractor: Peab Sverige AB
Architect: White Arkitekter
Developer: Akademiska Hus AB
Completion: 2019
Status: Baigtas
Type: Public

The arena, built by Akademiska Hus, is an important element of the growing campus area and is strategic in meeting Linköping’s goal of becoming The Sports Municipality of the Year during, 2015. Rented by Linköping’s municipality, Campus Valla is the place for year activity for Linköping’s Sports Club.

A comprehensive sports complex, Campus Valla encompasses 46 000 m² of land and 800 m² of premises; it boasts eight running tracks, 500 seats under roof and open-air spectator seating for 300 with the additional availability to construct temporary grandstands to accommodate the hosting of major competitions.

In total, the new building will consist of 4,300 sq. meters of unique facade elements, 1,800 sq.meters of perforated aluminum suspended ceilings and 1,500 sq. meters of assembled aluminum constructions. The purpose of the building is to provide a certificate based on the Swedish Energy Efficiency Standard Miljöbyggnad (Gold Level).