Location: Suomija, Helsinki
Main contractor: SRV Viitoset
Architect: Helin & Co Architects
Developer: SRV Viitoset
Completion: 2024
Status: Eigoje
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 8825
Scope of works: Unitized curtain walls and glass roof

Horisontti Tower is our third project in the REDI complex at Kalasatama, Helsinki. In the district of Kalasatama are eight towers overall. The urban district of Kalasatama is Helsinki’s trendiest working area with approximately 10,000 new jobs ahead. Tjis 111-meter-tall tower is Finland’s first office skyscraper and it is the country’s tallest office building.

The skyscraper offers a unique working environment: blue skies, the surrounding sea, and a lively city. The tower is built directly on top of the Kalasatama metro station, where is a huge parking spaces and everything employees may need is available daily.

The main challenges of this project:

  • KGC’s bespoke system is designed and tested to withstand up to 1200Pa both water and air pressure.
  • Installation of elements is done in 2 different methods on the same day – a Tower crane for corner elements and a mini crane from the floors for straight ones. At level 14, where the building makes a turn – a special beam and installation from a special platform is used as well.
  • The anchor beam isn‘t removed or lifted during installation, since KGC engineers prepared the solution on how to install elements without stop edges on site for this reason.

KGCG is responsible for the design, production, and installation of 8 825 m2 unitized curtain walls (1108 pcs. of straight and 102 corner units) and 140 m2 of glass roof.