Location: Švedija, Stockholm
Main contractor: AB Strabag
Architect: 3XN
Completion: 2015
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

Since 2015, one can see a multifunctional construction at the heart of Stockholm, opposite to the central station. Here the city metro station, Scandic hotel, conference centre and apartment suites are located. This multifunctional construction, designed by one of the most famous Danish architects 3XN, consists of four buildings of various heights, which ideally blend in with the already existing architecture of Stockholm.

The relief façade of the building can be viewed differently from different angles. A special aluminium-glass façade system was created specifically for this project. This is a three-layer structural glazing, uniquely shaped element façade construction, with non-transparent parts covered with Jura limestone. The elements of the façade, which are unique in their height and width, are laid out to create an impression of playfulness.

The façade meets the highest technical requirements – the thermal contact conductance coefficient is 0.6 W/m2 K, sound insulation requirements – 50dB. The total area of exterior facades exceeds 8000 square meters, whereas that of internal facades exceeds 2000 square meters.