About us

Continuous improvement - is our slogan. During the 14 years of operation, we grew and discovered a formula for success in business processes. Thanks to the maximum involvement and desire of our people, today we are strong and reliable facades contractor that are able to fulfill unique architectural building visions.

Group of KGC

Lithuanian group of companies started it‘s activity in 2007 and has been growing quickly ever since. Our extensive experience in the technical design of complex building envelopes allowed us to become one of the current major players in the Baltic and Scandinavian market.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

One of the main aspects of KGC corporate responsibility is the environment. This year, KG Constructions introduced a new KPI to measure how much waste per square meter of our production produces waste. With this indicator, we will be able to see the real situation, make the necessary decisions to reduce the amount of waste generated to a minimum. What we are doing more: Lean manufacturing; half of the electricity used in production is green; using non-toxic or less-toxic substances; recycled glass in our production; re-use materials, such as production scrap or shop towels; using timber for packaging. Our subsidiary company Lignas Timber Systems constructs buildings with cross-laminated timber. Wood is the only construction material that does not have adverse effects on the environment. Because of the excellent physical and mechanical qualities of cross-laminated timber, such buildings do not harm the environment.

Support & Charity

We are determined to support various communities to generate positive and long-term results for them. We are dedicated to education, charity, improving welfare of low-income families and children with serious health conditions, support for youth initiatives and solving other daily problems that affect people and the environment. Our ambition is not only to build, design or produce, we also want to contribute to positive solutions and create additional social value. We believe that this way we can make a meaningful contribution to creating a better society.

KGC Contributions

  • Supported "Let's Protect Our Future" social project in Lithuania in cooperation with "VŠĮ, Saugi Pradžia".
  • Supported "Let's Protect Our Future" social project in Lithuania in cooperation with "VŠĮ, Saugi Pradžia".
  • Football academy “Žalgirietis” received a present from KG Constructions: very light football gates made from aluminium.
  • Support of initiative “Children's Christmas wishes" in collaboration with “VŠĮ, Saugi Pradžia”.
  • Support of social project “Save our future” in collaboration with “VŠĮ, Saugi Pradžia”.
  • Support in the project VGTU Alumni: 100 Perspectives.
  • Support in organising communications projects awards at Vilnius University Communications department.
  • Prize fund for Vilnius Gediminas Technical University’s student team, which participated in the Lithuanian National Olympics of Mechanics of Material.
  • Aid for Viktoras Daraškevič’s family by setting up their new home.
  • Support for project “Kelionės-svajonės”, aimed at improving disabled children’s social skills.
  • Support for arranging the first Vilnius street art festival Vilnius Street Art 2013.

Financial Statements


Compared to 2019, sales revenue of the group of companies grew by 19% in 2020 and reached 49 million euro.

According to unaudited data, in 2020 the EBIDTA of the group companies grew almost 1.8 times, reaching 7.07 million euro. In 2019, the group’s sales revenue was 41.9 million euro, while the EBIDTA stood at 3.94 million euro. The growth of profitability indicators was determined by long-term investments in the implementation of efficiency-enhancing measures.

These commenced in 2017 by restructuring the company’s management and processes and using lean methods. Additionally, the company focused on employee training, sales diversification and working only with customers with high reliability ratings.


This year, KGCG’s activities will mainly cover the Swedish (61%) and Danish (28%) markets, 7% of the works will be implemented in Lithuania, 2% in United Kingdom and 1% in Norway and Finland. The company aims to establish itself in a new market in the United Kingdom and take the first steps towards the German market.

Planned sales revenue should reach 50-55 million euro in 2021.

Reducing the number of projects by more than a half and steadily improving results provided an opportunity to confidently plan for further growth in 2024-2025. Our set goal is to achieve 100 million euros turnover. ‘Today we are halfway to the goal,’ assures CEO Linas Karžinauskas.

Certificates and Policies

We make great efforts to exceed the highest standards of construction, design, quality and production. We are a certified company that has the right to perform construction work on special buildings.