We are building future. A leading full-service supplier of bespoke aluminum-glass-timber systems.

Building Future

KG Constructions Group is a leading full-service supplier for unique facade solutions and our focus is always to improve every process at every stage of the Customer journey with us. Over more than 17 years of extensive experience in developing bespoke building envelopes, we apply a customer-centric approach to provide a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and afterwards.

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Values for the Customer

We are very proud to work with so many world-famous General Contractors, Architects and Investors continuously. We design and manage buildings during all stages of their lifecycle – from project task creation to building maintenance. The benefits that our Client receives from a single source:

  • Improved negotiations terms
  • Highest-quality services and custom-made products
  • Reduced costs
  • Minimized administrative work
  • Personalized supplier relationship
  • Improved supplier-related problem-solving

All Services from a Single Supplier

Pre-Construction & Technical Support

Consulting Approach

Our pre-contract services can begin at project inception or beyond and continue to main contract or cladding contract package tender, working directly for clients, developers, project managers, architects or other members of the project team.

Through PCSA (Pre-Construction Services Agreement) and DA (Design Assist), we offer our clients technical support while verifying feasibility, risks, and costs of the project to identify the best value facade system.

System Design & Selection

We have extensive experience in full-scale requirements and applicable standards as well as technical performance analysis or individual materials and products.

Working closely with the architect and wider design team allows us to continually interrogate the design rationale and to distill our thinking to clarify the developed solution. Ideas are explored and solutions are developed within our concept stage design workshops.

Project Management

We have a project management team of 18 specialists with extensive experience in the facades industry. A key to successful project management is thorough planning, communication, and great attention to detail. Every project gets an equal amount of input and attention as every project has its own designated team of project managers, assistants, design team, installation team and quality engineers.

In recognition of the importance of project management, we invest in our project teams, collaborative tools, technical expertise, and supply chains. A dedicated team lead will deliver each project, headed by an experienced project manager. The size, timeframe, and complexity of the project will influence the makeup of the assigned team.

Mock-Ups & Labaratory Tests

Our team can design and produce a 3D virtual or real size 1:1 unitised façade prototype – mock-up. It is a full-size structural model made with the exact design techniques and materials that will be used in a project. A mock-up allows the architects, contractors, and developers to assess a real-life representation of a facade unit design, so that functionality, aesthetics, and quality can be evaluated down to the smallest detail of the upcoming project.


Laboratory mock-up testing provides an opportunity to determine the efficiency and safety of the system, its design, fabrication, and connection performance between systems. Upon approval, that sets the standard for all the work to be done on the project.

The benefit of the mock-up testing is easy to spot:

  • to test a final design solution on a small scale in order to make sure that everything is right on a grand scale;
  • in the long run it reduces many risks;
  • can save time;
  • helps to avoid unnecessary waste

Our mock-ups are being tested by Rosenheim University specialists in Germany.

Variety of Laboratory Tests

We usually perform tests such as air permeability, water tightness static, resistance to wind load and fire, also airborne sound insulation. If another type of laboratory testing is requested, we can arrange and provide all necessary technical evidence of the product’s quality and parameters. For projects where the design can accommodate standard curtain wall systems, pre-construction laboratory testing is not required.

In-House Design & Engineering

More than 100 in-house Engineers in Lithuania and Switzerland have extensive facade industry experience in the design of such gigantic buildings as the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab in UAE, the Gherkin and One Nine Elms in the United Kingdom.

During the design stage of the building, a designated team performs a thorough analysis and assessment by considering all the risks and opportunities. Our team always submits recommendations for possible optimizations to help customers reduce costs and reach the most efficient solution. The main goal that goes toe toe-to-toe with organisational culture is to be efficient and apply the highest quality and standards.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Approach

KGC designers & engineers perform BIM design in the 3Dexperience environment. We are one of the few companies that use the BIM model in our production. Using BIM helps us to improve the efficiency of the construction processes, reduce waste and improve the quality of the buildings. It also helps to enhance facade technology design and systems analysis, construction planning, management, communication and coordination between designers, fabricators, contractors, and installers. Overall, BIM helps to improve facade’s technical performance.

With CATIA software we can achieve 400 LOD

For the design of the facades, our design department uses one of the most advanced CAD systems – CATIA. It delivers the unique ability to model any product in the context of its real-life behavior. KGC Group was presented as one the best examples in the field of engineering on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, demonstrating the successful implementation of international cooperation between the customer-partner-manufacturer. Not a single Lithuanian company has been mentioned and presented as a case study at such an international level. Our design team goes hand in hand with the Constructions era: 4.0.Material & Envelope Fabric Selection

We have gained extensive experience in cladding of all types including rain-screen cladding, composite cladding and bespoke curtain walling systems. We’ve also got experience in many different materials used in the cladding of buildings including glass, stone, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, ceramics, timber, and many more. Our Tender Department already carries out a meticulous cost estimate during the tender phase through a thorough design intent and project specifications analysis.

In-House Production

Annual Façade Production Capacity 200 000 m2

At both factories in Lithuania, where production and storage room space exceed 20 400 sq. meters, and we have 10 assembly lines. Each production process is subject to continuous optimization and controlled with KPI’s regarding LEAN methods.

This allows us to speed up production processes, as well as to reduce and optimize production costs. KGC continuously invests in the most modern technologies and aims to quickly react to changing and increasing customer needs. In 2023, our investment in machinery reached almost 2 million. Euros.

Our high-end CNC machines in both factories include:

  • Schüco AS 100 processing centre
  • Two 5-axis CNC machines Schüco AF 510
  • Schüco AF 310,
  • Schüco AF 450
  • Schüco AF 500

Our equipment processes not only aluminum profiles used for windows, doors and facades but also produces steel thermal profiles and various bent tin-plate products, which are broadly used in aluminum-glass constructions. Tin and steel bending equipment allow us to independently produce bent units necessary for aluminum constructions and optimize the production completion process even further. Therefore, we are less dependent on suppliers of such production.


Our own logistics company KG Transport takes care of international deliveries to our customers. With the help of integrated tools in our CRM system, our logistics department is able to plan the need for resources. We use a non-conformities management system in every stage and process. Every error must be solved in a way that it won’t happen again – starting from the root cause analysis.

All our trucks are certified by Euro 6 standard, in this way we ensure lower CO2 emissions to the environment. Moreover, by having our internal logistics company we can ensure maximum flexibility, „just-in-time“ delivery to the site and enhanced protection.


Our subsidiary KG Service is responsible for carrying out installation and service works. The team comprises 116 employees. One project team consists of 8-10 people, who are trained and certified to carry out installation work on-site and follow all the necessary procedures to meet the highest standards that we and our customers apply.

Health & Safety

Every employee of KG Service goes through H&S training before entering every project. Individual instructions are prepared for the project according to Client ‘s regulations and international standards such as ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001. Moreover, for every project we specifically prepare: Project Quality Management Plan, Quality Control Plan, Environmental Control, H&S at Work Plan as well as H&S Management System Instructions together with Risk analysis.

Installation Process

For every project, we carry out construction site situation analysis and prepare detailed project installation methodology, which is presented to our customers. Depending on a building’s size and height the installation method is then chosen. Our team can work with all types of equipment: spider, tower, mobile cranes or monorail system. Our goal is to spend as little time as possible at the construction site to help customers to implement the project faster and reduce costs. We deliver our prefabricated products on time and in advance so that the installation process will be continuous and uninterrupted.

Maintenance & Warranty 24/7

Our warranty service department is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. If you have any issues that need to be resolved, please contact us directly at:

Our Group’s company KG Service performs all maintenance and warranty service works in Lithuania and abroad. Quick reaction and employee and customer safety are our main priorities. We respond quickly to each customer’s request and help to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.