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Since 2017, “KG Service” is responsible for carrying out installation, maintenance and warranty works for the whole “KG Constructions Group”. Company installs aluminum-glass facades not only in Lithuania, but also in all Northern European countries (UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia).

“KG Service” comprises of 116 installers and site managers. One project team consists of 8-10 people, who are trained and certified to carry out installation works at the site and follow all the necessary procedures in order to meet the highest standards that we and our Customers apply.

The company was able to increase efficiency and do more work with a smaller number of installers. This was achieved through continuous monitoring of KPIs, as well as LEAN methods, which we successfully applied both in the administration and in the construction department.

The company goal is to keep the same number of employees and at the same time increase their efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that over the past 6 years of activity, we did not have any serious injuries on the construction site.









Aluminium & Glass Facades Installation

Using cutting edge design, engineering and fabrication technologies in our large factory, combined with effective consultation and best training and equipment use on-site, we minimize our time on site – shortening schedules and reducing costs. For every project we are investigating how to make installation process as much effective as possible. Our team can combine several installation options, of course it depends on the situation and requirements of the specific project. We are always flexible to Customer needs.

Cladding & Facade Replacement

"KG Service" has extensive experience in façade installations as well as façade renovation projects. Our team have worked on many large-scale complex commercial, residential and public projects throughout Baltics and Scandinavian countries. We are well equipped to undertake projects whatever the location or weather conditions. Our proven track record and experience, as well as our focus on safety, quality and the environment, ensures "KG Service" are the right contractor for the job.

General Inspection

It is important therefore, that the inspection or testing concentrates on the entire cladding system and not just the external material. We perform thermovision matering, weathertightness testing, facade analysis, facade condition report.

Building Maintenance

The plan includes routine maintenance, treatment of potential problem areas, and repair or replacement of deteriorated elements in order of priority; Establishing a budget and schedule; Preventive maintenance for the facade involves decisions about the appropriate cleaning methods and products to use; Maintenance is customized based on a number of factors such as building size and materials, geographic location and types of damage to be addressed.

We value Client’s trust and ensure the quality


Installation process starts by assigning teams of 8-10 installers, who are trained for installation and on-site safety regulations. We are flexible in choosing installation methods and equipment for our Customers needs as well as installation schedule.


All our teams have daily and weekly morning meetings, where any questions, ideas, problems as well as design and installation work updates are being discussed freely. Any of the Contractors are more than welcome to join those meetings.


We developed a policy based on ISO requirements which suits our company’s goals and reflects with LEAN methods culture within organization. Moreover, for every project we specifically prepare: Project Quality Management Plan, Quality Control Plan, Environmental Control, H&S at Work Plan as well as H&S Management System Instructions together with Risk analysis.

Health and Safety

Every employee goes through Health & Safety training before entering every project - in order to comply, work and meet with all H&S and Quality standards. Individual instructions are prepared for the project according to Client‘s regulations and international standards: Achilles, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and others. Our installation teams have won many awards from the contractors during the course of the project as the 'safest sub-contractor' at site.

Waste Management

Responsible management of waste is an essential aspect of our company. We try to eliminate waste or to re-use materials where it is possible. For every project we use wooden and metal pallets to store the production: both we re-use afterwards, therefore no waste is left on a construction site.

Projects in Northern Europe

Artery is the 1st project with KGC‘s unique bespoke unitised façade system. The A+ building was designed to meet the “BREEAM New Construction – Excellent” certificate. KGC Group is responsible for the design, production, project management, transportation and installation of 15 459 m2 unitised structural glazing curtain walls with shadow box zones, 1 190 m2 of stick curtain walls and 1 770 m2 of glass roof.

Domstolsbyggnad - Nordic region’s largest court building. The building covers approximately 34,000 m2 gross area. The building’s façade goes from a brick façade at the bottom to a glass tower, where the brick is gradually phased out to become glass only. There are high environmental requirements for the building, which include energy use and the indoor environment. All 10 618 m2 of hybrid façade elements are with BIOCLEAN glass and it is now one of the biggest projects in Europe with such technology. Under our scope of works: 16 161 m2 of facades in total.

The New North Zealand Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Denmark. This clover-leaf shaped building contain around 20 clinical departments with 570 beds and cover more than 310 000 citizens from surrounding areas. Under our scope of works: 16 730 m2 of facades in total.

New Life Science Building is Norway’s largest university and hospital building with almost 100 000 m2 of gross building area. A lot of attention paid to the sustainability and energy efficiency during the construction and operation stages of the building. In total there are approx. 14 080 m2 of unitized curtain walls. Outer cladding of the façade: sinusoidal anodized C35 aluminum sheets. Every element has 4 extruded anodized aluminum fins in 3 different depths with unique angles to break the sun’s rays. Every element is equipped with sliding shutters that can move automatically according to the sun’s position.

REDI project and the two towers of it - MAJAKKA and LOISTO - are the tallest buildings in Helsinki. Their heights reach 134 and 124 meters and total scope of our installed works consist of 22 800 m2 unitised curtain walls. Interesting fact is, that at the 22nd floor of the buildings, the planes of the façade change, so it was necessary to produce and then installed elements of intricate geometry in order to maintain tightness in all places of the façade.