Location: Norvegija, Stavanger
Main contractor: HENT
Architect: Brandsberg - Dahls Arkitekter
Developer: Hinna Park Utvikling
Completion: 2024
Status: Eigoje
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 18000
Scope of works: Bespoke Unitised Curtain wall and stick curtain walls
New project in Norway, Stavanger city – Valhall. It is the record breaking project in “KG Constructions Group” history financially and the 1st project with KGC‘s Bespoke Unitised Curtain Wall system in Norway. Upon completion in 2025 it will become one of the largest office buildings in the region.
“Valhall” consist of two six-story buildings with a total of 71 000 square meters. The project developed as buildings for the future with a high focus on the environment, quality, and sustainable solutions, including energy class A and BREEAM-New Excellent environmental certification. In addition, “Valhall” builted according to the WELL Building Standards too.
Highest technical requirements applied in this project. Considering that the building is located in a coastal area, near the North Sea, the main part of the building have a double-skin unitised curtain wall system, which increase energy efficiency, helping to maintain a constant temperature in the premises, comfort during the heating and cooling seasons, and reduce sound transmission, as buses and cars running between the buildings on the newly planned road.
“Valhall” office complex consist of two different types of facades. Prefabricated double-skin facade elements, which manufactured in a KGCG factory in Lithuania, transported to the construction site and hung on the building, and stick façade, which assembled/installed directly at site.
The total scope of our works is 20 170 m2 of facades:
– Unitised: 18 000 m2 (1 554 units);
– Stick: 2 971 m2.
Each element have extruded lamellas of different colors, depths and angles. Also, each element equipped with automatic blinds for solar control.