KG Constructions Group has set up a Sustainability Strategy for the next 5 years. In 2021 we identified 8 key areas where we can provide added value and make a real change.

Sustainability Strategy

One of the main aspects of KG Constructions corporate responsibility is the environment. We already have introduced a new KPI to measure how much waste per square meter of our production produces waste. With this indicator, we are able to see the real situation and make the necessary decisions to reduce the amount of waste generated to a minimum.






REDUCE OUR CO2 emissions

Reducing CO2 Emissions

An embodied carbon calculator has been developed for our bespoke facade systems, to help us understand the impact of key components/items and provide our customers with detailed assessments, comparisons, and options to reduce CO2e emissions. KGC Group’s portfolio includes projects with:

  • highly insulated curtain walls UCW ≤ 0.60 W/(m2 K),
  • dynamic solar shading,
  • massive re-use of concrete frame and façade granite panels,
  • high recycled content ≥ 75% in aluminum profiles, or timber façades.

We are committed to planting 1 tree in Lithuania for every produced unitised curtain wall unit to contribute to re-forestation and more sustainability tomorrow. Also, KGC is developing bespoke façade systems tailored to cover project-specific requirements, without unnecessary use of resources. We optimize façades lifespan by following reliable methods and practices, and by ensuring that our products will be maintainable, demountable, and highly recyclable after their end of life.

Employees Well-Being, Health & Occupational Safety

Effective health and safety practices directly enhance sustainability through minimizing waste from workplace accidents and hazards. We will try to keep 0 accidents and fatalities as well as to establish a safe and comfortable workplace for every employee to promote of healthy lifestyle through various active challenges and constant training.

In recent years, we have optimized and secured the workplace environment for our employees by building a new high-end headquarters and factory in Vilnius. Well-designed spaces with ample light, clean air, ideal temperatures, and ergonomic layouts mean higher productivity, well-being, and energy efficiency.

Product Sustainability & Certificates

The environmental declarations in building rating systems and certification schemes has increased in the last few years. We have developed a method for carbon footprint assessment. It gives our customers an idea of how sustainable their product/solution for the facades will be. Then together we can look for more sustainable solutions if needed.

Also, many of the buildings we implement are certified by international standards such as LEED, BREEAM, BREEAM Excellent, SGBC Gold, WELL, or being, for example, “Air Quality Neutral”. It shows our contribution to sustainable construction and ensures the highest level of solutions.

Sustainable & Socially Responsible Supply Chain

By using EPDs, the organization could gain a competitive edge in green public procurements. In 2024, we expect that 50% of the raw materials we purchase will have EPD declarations. A business with a sustainable supply chain is also an attractive prospect for other companies looking to partner with it, so our main target and goal is to work only with sustainable suppliers by 2026.

Cyber Security & Digitalization

Protecting technologies from cyber threats, such as ransomware attacks or unauthorized control, ensures their reliable operation, prevents disruptions, and maintains public trust in their sustainability benefits. We have implemented the ESET XDR solution for cyber intrusion detection.

We aim to digitalize all the company’s processes by 2025 and have 0 security breaches and GDPR violations.

Responsible & Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Our factory has renewable energy solar plant that can cover 10% of the annual electricity usage of KG Constructions factory. By 2025, we will aim to use 80%-100% of green electricity in our production processes. The main KGC production and design offices have more efficient heating system and insulation. The A + energy class office is equipped with an intelligent building management system to control the building’s ventilation, heating, electricity consumption etc.