Unitised Curtain Walls

Unitized Curtain Wall Systems have revolutionized the construction industry with their promise of speed, value, and aesthetic appeal. These systems are part of the building envelope and consist of large units pre-assembled in the factory, which are then directly installed onto the building structure at the construction site. The pre-fabrication process allows for faster installation and a more streamlined workflow. It helps our Clients to close the building faster and start working on the interior, thus this allows Investors to get a return on their investment much faster.

We develop and manufacture our products in-house.

Unitised Curtain Walls are increasingly important in sustainable bespoke building envelope design. Our vast 90 people design-engineering team is ready to fulfil and adapt architectural ideas to real products that will match fire, safety, water, corrosion, acoustic, air pressure and other special requirements of the building, country and Client, so that the building and the facade of it would function properly for many years to come. Also, our in-house design team makes and prepares all sorts of calculations and reports, prepares work projects, material orders, production, assembly & installation design drawings as well as “as built” drawings and 3D design models with the most advanced in-market software. After a complex design process, our 220+ production personnel team is ready to produce a tangible, high-class product that can be installed directly onto the building. One of the most innovative technological parks of various robots and lasers allows us to process aluminium profiles for every individual project efficiently and pass them to well-equipped and trained assembly lines.


Unitised Curtain Walls

Unitised curtain walls are typically made of vertical and horizontal lightweight aluminium profile frames, glass units and various types of cladding. Differently from traditional construction, when a building‘s external walls are part of the primary structure, unitised curtain walls support their weight and the loads from wind, snow etc. Such units are fully pre-assembled in the factory and efficiently installed on-site. This allows to have quick, precise and focused installation process. Our production is capable of producing around 130,000 m2 of unitised curtain walls per year. Back in 2022, we developed and introduced to the market KGC’s Fully Bespoke UCW System.

KGC's Aluminum Bespoke UCW System

Back in 2022, we have fully developed our own facade system – KGC’s Bespoke Unitised Curtain Wall System. In order to, create your own facade system it requires a vast amount of know-how and experience. This product creates a great environment of trust among top-tier customers in different markets, therefore it gives us a real competitive advantage as we can offer high-quality product for a very competitive price. With all the design and engineering flexibility that Bespoke System gives us, we can fulfil the most complex architectural ideas and turn them into a reality.

KGC's Timber Bespoke UCW System

KGC’s fully bespoke timber system is now at the testing stage. After the laboratory testing, the system/product will be introduced officially to the market. A newly developed system is a product that delivers unique architectural solutions, helps developers achieve a lower carbon footprint and provides better thermal performance. As the industry and engineering change, myths about timber being a very flammable construction material – disappear. This system meets high project fire and acoustic requirements as well as generates a unique interior environment. It is more aesthetically appealing and being perceived as warm, textured, comforting and valuable material, which helps developers and investors to have a faster return on investment. The product is renewable, sustainable, recyclable and made for long-term use. At the end of its life cycle, we will be able to recycle and re-purpose it into another product: so it is the ultimate renewable resource. Moreover, in terms of U-value (heat loss), through the frame, the heat loss can be reduced by CA 30% as well as CO2 emission per 1 m2 of the facade production can be reduced by 10-25%, compared to standard aluminium system.

Facade Finish

We design, manufacture and install unitised facade structures with various types of finishing: stone, ceramic, brick, lamellae, glass, pressed and perforated stainless steel or aluminum sheets, and others. Any type of finish is attached to the single prefab structure during the assembly process in the factory, eliminating the need for any additional work on the construction site, no matter the complexity of the project.

Double-Skin Facades

Double-skin systems consisting of an external glazing, an intermediate gap, and an inner façade. The outer layer, generally a toughened or laminated safety glass, protects against the weather, helps with sound insulation and hosts ventilation openings. It improves the building’s thermal efficiency for both high and low temperatures.

Exclusive Projects

As part of the renovation project for the roof of the National Museum in Stockholm, glass triangular roof elements were selected, which were reshaped and divided into tetrahedra after sound modeling analysis. One roof element was produced as a complete tetrahedron, completely ready for installation. These facade elements were produced in a three-dimensional coordinate system. In total, two roofs based on this technological solution were designed in the renovation project. Each of them was fixed on a complex steel structure, whose profile cross-sections were invented according to mathematical algorithms, to ensure the functional and aesthetic requirements of the building.

Unitised Skylights

The implementation of unitised skylights is used when one wants to give the structure a spatial feeling and a lot of light. Such constructions can make up the entire lighting space of the building or only part of it. We have a unique experience in the design and manufacture of custom-made systems that have been used in the implementation of very difficult architectural solutions. In phase III of the S7 business center in Vilnius, our record-breaking unit of unitised skylights was as long as 18 meters.