Unitised Curtain Walls

In unitised curntain wall construction, is composed of large units that are assembled in the factory, shipped to the site and erected on the building. This system shortens the building construction schedule on site.

We develop and manufacture our products in-house.

Unitised curtain walls are playing increasingly important role in sustainable bespoke building envelopes design and build. With such important advantages, we aim to make up at least 90 percent of unitised curtain wall panels of our total production.

Unitised Curtain Walls

Unitised curtain walls are typically made of vertical and horizontal lightweight aluminum profile frames, glass units and various types of cladding. Differently from a traditional construction, when building‘s external walls are part of the primary structure, unitised curtain walls support their own weight and the loads from wind, snow etc. Such units are fully pre-assembled in the factory and efficiently installed on site. This allows to have quick, precise and focused installation process. Our production is capable of producing around 100 000 m2 of unitised curtain walls

Types of Cladding

We are able to offer and implement unique solutions for unique projects. Every project and every architects idea has something unique in it. Therefore, we are able to offer and produce unitised curtain walls with various types of cladding: stone, ceramic, bricks, lamellas, glass fins, extruded, perforated stainless steel or aluminium sheets. Any type of cladding is being attached to the unitised curtain wall unit during the production process in the factory, so no additional works have to be carried out on a constrction site no matter the difficulty of the project.

Double Skin Facades

Double-skin or in other terms hybrid facade systems consisting of an external glazing, an intermediate gap, and an inner façade. The outer layer, generally a toughened or laminated safety glass, provides protection against the weather and hosts ventilation openings. It improves the building's thermal efficiency for both high and low temperatures.

Unitised Skylights

A skylight or a rooflight is a light-transmitting structure that forms all or part of the roof space of a building for daylighting purposes. We have experience in designing and producing custom-made unitised systems for skylights of highly difficult and unique architectural projects. In the 3rd stage of the S7 business center in Vilnius, our record braking unitised skylight unit has reached even 18 meters of length. It required special transportation and crane for the installation process.

Unique Projects

During the roof renovation project of the Stockholm National Museum, were selected glass triangular roof elements, which were remodeled and divided into tetrahedra after sound modeling analysis. One roof element was produced as a complete tetrahedron, fully prepared for installation. These curtain walls were manufactured in a three-dimensional coordinate system. In total, were designed two roofs based on such a technological solution. Each of them was mounted on a complex steel structure. In order to meet functional and aesthetical building requirements, the cross sections of these steel profiles were made based on mathematical algorithms.