Location: Norvegija, Oslo
Main contractor: HENT
Architect: Ratio Architects
Developer: STATSBYGG
Completion: 2024
Status: Eigoje
Type: Public
Unitised facade (m2): 14080
Scope of works: Unitised curtain walls with sinusoidal anodized C35 aluminum sheets, 4 extruded anodized aluminum fins in 3 different depths with unique angles and automatically sliding shutters

“KG Constructions Group” signed the biggest contract to date in Norway – UiO (University in Oslo) Livsvitenskapsbygget (Life Science Building).

The building connects the university’s scientific academic environment in chemistry and pharmacy with a significant investment in life sciences, where the Clinic for Laboratory Medicine (KLM) is a key element. The building’s open architecture draws the landscape around the building and connects the indoor and outdoor areas. The architecture also connects the new premises with the buildings on the Blindern campus through the use of form, materials and colors.

The New Life Science Building is Norway’s largest university and hospital building with almost 100 000 m2 of gross building area. It accommodates around 1 600 employees and 1 600 students and become the core of Norway’s leading innovation district as well as massively contributing in ensuring Norway’s international competitiveness in life sciences.

A lot of attention is paid to sustainability and energy efficiency during the construction and operation stages of the building. The project aims to achieve a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 50% for materials, energy, and transport compared to a standard university building. The energy goal for the project is to achieve “zero energy buildings” and have a fossil-free construction site. BREEAM Excellent certification is the goal for every new building with a score of no less than 70.

Our Group of companies is responsible for this project’s unique façade design, project management, production, transportation, and installation. In total, there is approx. 14 080 m2 of unitized curtain walls which accounts to ~1246 units.

Why unique? The outer cladding of the façade: sinusoidal anodized C35 aluminum sheets. Every element has 4 extruded anodized aluminum fins in 3 different depths with unique angles to break the sun’s rays. Every element is equipped with sliding shutters that can move automatically according to the sun’s position. The biggest elements weigh around 2 000 kg and reach 6.1 meters in height.