Location: Danija, Copenhagen
Main contractor: CG Jensen A/S
Architect: EFFEKT Arkitekter
Developer: NREP
Completion: 2023
Status: Baigtas
Type: Residential
Unitised facade (m2): 8810
Scope of works: Unitised and stick curtain walls, windows

Residential complex Umeus Noli, Rolighedsvej is formed of three buildings – UMEUS, NOLI and PUNKTHUS with a total of 23, 150 square meters. The architectural vision of the whole area is to create a green, vibrant and open city campus, where it is nice to live, study, research, play sports and where all residents can meet in a relaxing, green surroundings. The building have 519 studio flats for students and 158 flats for young researchers and entrepreneurs. “Umaeus Noli Bycampus” has been created in a collaboration between the state’s real estate company Freja Ejendomme, the development company NREP, Prins Henriks Skole and Frederiksberg Municipality. The building is next to a noisy street, with residential windows facing to the north. The building will aim for DGNB (Danish Green Building Certification) Gold certificate, which represents sustainable construction.

“KG Constructions Group” is responsible for the design, production, installation and project management of almost 9 000 m2 of unitized and more than 3 000 m2 of stick curtain walls. “Umaeus Noli Bycampus” have all the palette of special and never seen materials and colours: non-catalogue specially created for the project HAI Horsens colours, special shape ceramics, perforated and embossed metal sheets, 2 types of vertical aluminum and timber lamellas, shaped horizontal lamellas, french balconies and many more

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