Mock-Ups & Labaratory Tests

Mock-Up for Upcoming Project

Our team can design and produce a 3D virtual or real size 1:1 unitised façade prototype – mock-up. It is a full-size structural model made with the exact design techniques and materials that will be used in a project. A mock-up gives the architects, contractors and developers the opportunity to assess a real-life representation of a facade unit design, so that functionality, aesthetics, and quality can be evaluated down to the smallest detail of the upcoming project. We then deliver final prototypes to a project’s construction site.


Laboratory mock-up testing provides an opportunity to determine the efficiency and safety of the system, its design, fabrication and connection performance between systems. Upon approval, that sets the standard for all the work to be done on the project. The benefit of the mock-up testing is easy to spot: to test a final design solution on a small scale in order to make sure that everything is right on a grand scale. In a long-run it reduces many risks, can save time and helps to avoid unnecessary waste. Our mock-ups are being tested by Rosenheim University specialists in Germany.

Variety of Laboratory Tests

We usually perform tests such as air permeability, water tightness static, resistance to wind load and airborne sound insulation. If other type of laboratory testing is requested, we can arrange and provide all necessary technical evidence of the product's quality and parameters. For projects, where the design can accommodate standard curtain wall systems, pre-construction laboratory testing is not required.