Location: Danija, Copenhagen
Main contractor: Raundahl & Moesby A/S
Architect: Dissing+Weitling
Developer: ATP Properties
Completion: 2024
Status: Eigoje
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 4000
Scope of works: 4 000 m2 of KGC‘s fully bespoke UCW system with powder-coated aluminum sheets; 500 m2 of stick curtain walling

21Ø project in Denmark is a 15 000 m2 mixed-use building built in one of the Copenhagens innovation districts. Just on the corner of Vibenshus Runddel, which is a major junction where the streets of Jagtvej, Nørre Allé, Øster Allé and Lyngbyvejen meet in the outer Østerbro area. The property will taper from five to nine floors.

Apart from the 9 000 m2 commercial space, there will be 73 residential spaces. The difficult geometry of the building gives an opportunity to create harmony between the existing and new buildings in the area and provides a space for green common areas.

The facade design is in line with the surrounding buildings too. KG Constructions Group is responsible for 4 000 m2 of unitised curtain walls with KGC‘s fully bespoke system with powder-coated aluminum sheets and capped glazing and 500 m2 of stick curtain walling.

According to the plan, the finished property must be DGNB-certified for gold.