Location: Lietuva, Kaunas
Main contractor: Klaipdėdos terminalo grupė
Developer: Klaipdėdos terminalo grupė
Completion: 2019
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 3000
Scope of works: Unitised and stick curtain walls

“Alia” – office building in Kaunas with a capacity of over 500 people. A Class A office building reaches ~4,800 sq. meters. This building is distinguished from the ones that the ceiling on each floor is more than 3.7 meters and the windows offer 360* view of Kaunas, also the premises are fully furnished in accordance with the open office principle.  The interior and exterior solutions use the highest quality natural materials: wood, stone, aluminium, and glass. 5-storey premises are equipped with modern HVAC system for chilled beams, windows with 70% solar control, and it is also possible to humidify the indoor air, thus providing even more comfort for people working inside.

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