Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Main contractor: UAB Incorpus
Architect: PLH, UAB Archinova
Developer: UAB Asgaard Property
Completion: 2018
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

The design approach for the new AsgaardKeys business center located in Vilnius central business district was to improve quality of life for employees in a healthy working environment. The building have a pleasant working environment providing natural daylight to all workplaces, be sustainable and energy efficient, functional, flexible and meeting the requirements of an A class office building and a BREEAM In-Use certification.

The architectural concept is an elegant square with a soft shaped central atrium. The building has been designed with façades in a combination of glass and light Italian granite to blend into the areas urban scale and the surrounding landscape.

The façade is an advanced double skin building with energy glass and automated solar control system. AsgaardKeys have a hybrid ventilation and cooling system with natural ventilation of office spaces. Materials are natural eco-friendly in all areas of the building and in the interior design. The acoustic environment has been an important part of the design. The lighting design as well as the natural light control system has been design to give the users the maximum feeling of wellbeing.