Location: Švedija, Lund
Main contractor: HENT AS
Architect: Fojab Arkitekter AB
Developer: AXIS Companion
Completion: 2019
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 11490

The rapid growth of the Axis company has determined the need for new office buildings. The first phase of the project involves the construction of 5-10 storey office buildings in the northern part of the city of Lund. An office building was created with well-being in focus and became a workplace for 1,300 people. The facade is very high-tech and consists of a heavy natural stone-clad base that turns into light glass façades framed by white, angled sheet metal slats. As you move along the building, the impression changes – the angle of the slats creates an illusion of movement: the facade closes, opens up and closes again as the perspective changes.

Under the responsibility of the “KG Constructions Group” company:

  • Unitised curntain wall  (USC 65): 11 490 m2
  • Façade systems (FW 50.HI and FW 50.SI): 2 477 m2
  • Cladding (composite plasters): 11 600 m2
  • Cladding (aluminum plates): 1 200 m2

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