Location: Danija, Copenhagen
Main contractor: ZUBLIN
Architect: Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen
Developer: Carlsberg Byen
Completion: 2021
Status: Eigoje
Type: Residential
Unitised facade (m2): 5700
Scope of works: Unitised and stick curtain walls, balconies

Current stage. Unitised curtain wall facade together with custom-made balconies are rising quickly at Vogelius Tower in Copenhagen. 522 units with ceramic finish are already in place and 265 are waiting for their turn to fly.

Unitised facade system is based on Schuco USC 65 with ceramic finish from NBK. KG Constructions project team have helped to implement the architectural ideas: found ceramic supplier, helped with ceramic colors and ceramic fastening. Also, have helped with colors of composite panels, facade divisions (dividing) etc.

Design. The project’s 3D model was made with one of the most advanced CAD systems “CATIA”, which is used in aerospace, automotive industries by companies such as SPACE X, Bombardier, AIRBUS, BOEING as well as TESLA, BMW, PEUGEOT etc.

Production. KG Constructions have produced all unitized façade and balcony elements in a factory in Lithuania

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