Business Center GREEN CITY

Location: Baltarusija, Minsk
Main contractor: CООО ЕвроCтзпГрупп
Architect: COOO МАГНУС групп
Completion: 2014
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

This project is on the largest project implemented in the Republic of Belarus. The Green City building has fundamentally changed the concept of a common quartal. The initial vision of the project was invented by the customer. The motifs of the jungle, which are depicted on the „Green City“ building, were chosen because of the client’s desire to recreate the personally viewed image in a realistic way.

KGCG developed a completely new system for this project. The whole structure of the building consisted only of the glass. All glass parts of the building were made in different shades, therefore the installation took a lot of work to create a solid and correct view. It was especially difficult to get the green color on the glass and make the entire drawing clearly visible. However, „Dip-tech“ technology was the only alternative that helped realize this vision.

The project consists of the lower (trade and entertainment complex) and upper parts. Total area of the complex is 79 000 sq. meters. The upper part is a 22-storey building and the total height of the construction is 81 meters. The general area of the aluminium and glass constructions is more than 16 700 sq. meters.