Location: Danija, Copenhagen
Main contractor: HENT AS
Architect: Krook & Tjäder
Developer: KL Hotel AS
Completion: 2020
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 9670
Scope of works: Unitised and stick curtain walls

In May 2021, the Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport opened its doors to visitors and it became Scandinavia’s largest airport hotel.

The building’s architecture is linked to the site’s history as an airport with allusions to hangars, terminals, aircraft and aircraft parts. The propeller-shaped building volume is clad in the same kind of aluminum sheet used in aircraft, and once inside the house you can recognize the size of the hangar in the unique conference room whose soft roof shapes give associations to the underside of an aircraft wing. From the hotel is easily to reach the airport’s terminals.

Our company produced the main façade of the building, which consisted of 1092 elements: 9 670 m2 of unitized façade and 1 700 m2 of stick façade.

The Comfort Hotel has 605 rooms, sky bar and huge conference center, that can seat up to 2150 guests.