Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Main contractor: Veikmės statyba
Architect: Cloud
Completion: 2022
Status: Vystomas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 6180
Scope of works: Unitised, double-skin, stick curtain walls, windows

The total area of the “Cyber City technology town will be 1.7 ha. Total planned area of the complex is about 37 thousand. sq. meters of land area. About 500 parking spaces are planned. The old buildings of the complex, built during the Soviet Union, will be demolished and two larger buildings will be built in their place. The planned area of each building is 15 thousand. sq. meters. Although most of the building space will be for offices, the area will also house smaller buildings: common areas, space for cafes and breweries. The new project will preserve the chimney of Sparta and create a cozy inner space for the needs of the community. Buildings are designed in accordance with the international BREEAM standard for sustainable buildings. The environment of the innovative complex will encourage the creation of new traditions, various joint activities – the whole environment will be suitable for both work and leisure.