Location: Norvegija, Gardermoen
Main contractor: Eiqon
Architect: Niels Torp+Arkitekter
Completion: 2021
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Scope of works: 1100 m2 stick curtain walling system; 1000 m2 windows

Lignas AB, our subsidiary’s, team together with partners EIQON Nybygg og Fasade AS and Aluprof S.A. have implemented project in Norway. The existing hotel is located in the Gardermoen airport area. The extension is 9,600 square metres in size with 214 new rooms across eight floors.  The project started in April 2020, and the hotel was finised for completion in December 2021.

Lignas AB was responsible for the design and production of:

  • 1100 m2 stick curtain walling system,
  • 1000 m2 windows.