Location: Švedija, Stockholm
Main contractor: Atrium Ljungberg
Architect: Gatun
Developer: Atrium Ljungberg
Completion: 2021
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 6700
Scope of works: Unitised curtain walls with stainless steel perforated sliding shutters and stick curtain walls

Life city building is one of Sweden’s most visible houses which is in the middle of Hagastaden, on top of the E4. It is a new center for business development and services linked to healthcare and research. Building has entrance and shop window for Hagastaden at Scandinavia’s most visual place in the middle between Solna and Stockholm, where 200,000 people pass every day, 73 million every year.

Each panel of aluminum facade is given its specific set of perforated stainless steel sliding shutters to respond to the specific solar radiation of each direction. Gatun Arkitekter was responsible for the idea of facades designs, after winning a competition announced by the property owner.

The building is designed with very high environmental ambitions and is classified as BREEAM.

Our Group of companies were responsible for the design, production, transportation and installation. In total were installed 706 facade elements with stainless steel sliding shutters.

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