Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Main contractor: NARESTA
Architect: CLOUD
Developer: Lords LB Asset Management
Completion: 2021
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 8400
Scope of works: Unitised double-skin and stick curtain walls

The eight-storey business center it is one of the most innovative business centres in Lithuania and it fits perfectly into the whole of the emerging right bank of the Neris River.The area of the A + energy class office building on Lvivo Street, together with the underground parking lot, reaches 23 thousand sq. meters.

In this project much attention is paid to sustainability, quality and comfort for future building users. The atrium extending through all of the floors all the way up to the roof ensure a feeling of spaciousness and modernity. Technical building solutions ensure low CO2 emissions. This A+ energy class office building built based on BREEAM New Construction standards. The building excels to receive a BREEAM Excellent rating.

The architects of this fabulous business center are “Cloud Architects”. According to the architect, the façade of Lviv is not only the most exclusive, but also the boldest solution of the building. The outer layer of the double façade is clean as a mirror and reflects the environment.

“KG Constructions Group” was responsible for the design, production, transportation and installation of 936 (~8 400 m2) unitised façade units, which were installed within ~70 working days. Additionally, more than 1 200 m2 of stick curtain walling were installed in between the 2 main corpuses and the skylight roof. Largest elements are 4,3 x 2,7 m and weighs around 900 kg!


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