Location: Danija, Copenhagen
Main contractor: Pihl & Søn A/S
Architect: Henning Larsen
Developer: AP Pension
Completion: 2024
Status: Eigoje
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 10788
Scope of works: Unitised curtain walls with stretched metal cladding; Stick curtain walls with add-on ash wood and glulam frame; Glass roof with stick curtain walling system

Marmormolen was designed for the Danish pension fund AP Pension and built in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district. It is one of the largest contemporary wood structures in the country. Commercial buildings measure 28,000 square metres and are constructed entirely using solid timber. Marmormolen contains offices, retail spaces and restaurants, and is surrounded by urban spaces including plazas, gardens and promenades on three sides of the building.

The ground floor of the building is an extension of the nearby public waterfront, merging existing public amenities with a landscaped park and a large public marketplace. A canteen and auditorium also located on the ground floor function as both a public eatery and events space for markets and theatres. On the upper levels of the building, workspaces feature panoramic views across Copenhagen’s skyline and seafront, while a large shared courtyard at the centre of the building provides the interior with green outdoor space.

The building is formed of a collection of rectangular cubes that differ in height, rising and falling in response to the site’s surroundings. The structure’s gridded glass façade design reflects strong contemporary sensibilities while forging a sense of openness and connection to the waterfront and adjoining urban green spaces on three of its sides. At its highest, closest to busy streets and train tracks, the building rises to its full eight storeys. From here, it gradually falls to three storeys, as it tapers down to a nearby residential area on the opposite side of the site. Each of the rectangular cubes has access to a rooftop terrace and gardens that house beehives, butterfly hotels and areas for growing vegetables for use within the canteens.

Our scope of works in this building will comprise:
  • 10 788 m2 of unitized curtain walls with stretched metal cladding.
  • 253 m2 of glass roof with stick curtain walling system.
  • 1 550 m2 of stick curtain walls with add-on ash wood and glulam frame.