Location: Švedija, Stockholm
Main contractor: AB Arcona
Architect: Sweco Architects
Developer: Bonnier Real Estate
Completion: 2015
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

A building renovated in Stockholm, where one of the oldest book publishers of Sweden – Bonnier – has opened its administration office. This is a visually exceptional project, the idea for which was suggested by Sweco architects.

The building façade consists of 50% glass and 50% aluminium. The exceptional design is accentuated by green abstract and text collages, created using excerpts from books, published by Bonnier. Side walls have a scaly look, as they are covered with zink scale system ventilated façade.

When carrying out this exceptional project in Stockholm, it was mainly concentrated on energy efficiency and ecology. Atlas Garden project has been granted a BREEAM certificate, which attests that after the renovation the adverse effects the building has on the environment are the lowest they have ever been. The location of the building is quite inconvenient, very close to a narrow road, which is why high fire resistance and sound insulation requirements were placed.