Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Main contractor: UAB Indeco
Architect: Audrius Ambrasas, Donatas Malinauskas
Developer: UAB Indeco
Completion: 2012
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

The three identical structures of the A-class Baltic Hearts office buildings are distinguished not only by their architecture, modern construction technologies and equipment – its originality stems from an unconventional concept of „a separate building to a single company“.

In terms of its area occupied (3,300 m²) each of the four-storied buildings most optimally suits the needs of any major international or local company. The limited area of an office building is convenient to settle by a single company that can easily maintain its identity. In case a company’s needs are even more restricted, it may opt to lease a single floor of approximately 1,000 m² in area.

Those plastic volumes, seemingly hanging in the air and actually raised on supporting columns are just impossible to miss. By their forms and convex roofs the structures elegantly replicate the silhouettes of the Šeškinė hills and harmoniously merger with the surrounding environment.

The total area of all the facades is 5 400 sq. meters. The horizontal joints were made with silicone mastic and vertical joints and have special 200 mm height cover caps. All three buildings were made with triple insulated glass units with the U value of 0,6 W/m2 K, with sound reduction of Rw=42 dB and sun control performance.