Location: Švedija, Orebro
Main contractor: PEAB
Architect: Archus, Addac
Developer: Klovern
Completion: 2021
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 5383
Scope of works: Unitised and stick curtain walls

A new hotel and office are being built in central Örebro, close to a travel station. The area is an old track area that has been under development in recent years. The challenge with this project has been the central location with a small project area and proximity to the train tracks.

The geographical location and its good communications contribute to making Örebro one of Sweden’s most important freight and logistics hubs. The E18 and E20 highways meet here and link the city with Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo and Sweden’s fourth largest freight airport is located in Örebro.

KG Constructions is responsible for unitised and stick curtain walls of the first phase of the project. It will be a 14 story building with offices, a hotel, restaurant, gym and attractive outdoor environments, encompassing around 8,600 sq.m. Special developed unitised facade is based on Schüco system, completely prefabricated.

For the facade finish was chosen aluminum composite panels cassettes in a special color “bronze metallic”, which create an impression of non-divided facade. Cassettes are designed as consoles and sticking-out onto a lower installed element. Cover caps divide facade into vertically and horizontally segments, which separate clear glass units and blind enameled glass parts.

The building has been designed by Archus Arkitektur. Estimated completion of the facade works is planned in the second half of May 2021.

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