Location: Šveicarija, Kriens
Main contractor: Halter AG
Architect: Giuliani Hönger Architekten AG
Completion: 2026
Status: Eigoje
Type: Residential
Unitised facade (m2): 13733
Scope of works: Unitized facade based on KGC’s fully bespoke UCW system with venetian blinds
“KG Constructions Group” and “KGC Switzerland AG”  have signed 1st project in Switzerland – Pilatus Towers.
The project comprise out of 2 high-rise residential towers of 110 meters and 50 meters tall.
The Pilatus Tower project came into the history of KGC as a 1st project with our fully bespoke system in Switzerland as well as the biggest project to open a new market.
The residential towers have a pleasant structure through their two-storey combination and rhythmical organization with pillars, cornices and wall surfaces in concrete stone. The polygonal outlines give the buildings a slim character and form sensible spatial relationships with the context. Inside, the polygonal form is apparent in the daytime areas, while the individual spaces are orthogonal.
The Pilatus Towers are expected to be fully completed in the 2nd half of 2026.
“KG Constructions Group” will design, produce, transport and install 9 244 m2 of unitized facades based on KGC’s fully bespoke UCW system with venetian blinds for the tower “TURM” (37 floors) and 4 489 m2 for the tower “SCHEIBE” (16 floors).