Royal Plaza

Location: Baltarusija, Minsk
Main contractor: RCAUB Rubiroz International
Architect: Boris Školnikov
Completion: 2012
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

Royal Plaza is the highest building in Belorussia. The height of this 33-storey commercial and administrative building is 120 meters (130 meters if one includes the antenna).

The total area of the exterior façade of the building is 16 000 square meters. 5000 square meters are designated for ventilated  façade, while 11 000 square meters are covered with aluminium-glass constructions.

These aluminium profile systems were used for the construction of this building: element façade USC65, façade system FW50+, window and door system AWS/ADS65, as well as fire-resistant system ADS80-FR60. Aluminium-glass constructions glazed with one-camera sun-controlling glass, whose thermal contact conductance coefficient is 1.1 W/m2K.