Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Architect: Architektūros linija
Developer: Power Group Property
Completion: 2023
Status: Eigoje
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 4633
Scope of works: Unitized and stick curtain walls with additional tick system façade for glass roof

S14 is the central headquarters of  “Teltonika” and connects all the other offices from around the globe. The main architectural focus of this building is the visual connection with Vilnius city center. This is emphasized through the front facade of the building, which is facing the historic old town. The headquarters of Teltonika have up to 500 employees. The building has five floors, with two additional floors dedicated to underground parking. Employees can use electric car charging stations, and a separate bike storage area is set up for bicycle enthusiasts.

The new office building has an A+ energy efficiency class. It has been designed to meet the requirements of the international BREEAM certification for sustainable buildings. It is equipped with modern and energy-efficient engineering systems, with automated control of ventilation, heating and lighting. The total area of the office building is almost 18,000 m2.

The front facade of the building with its structural glazing units acts as a huge window to the historic old town of Vilnius city and the other building walls have an extraordinary chess effect with protruded enameled zones within the façade elements as well as act as huge mirrors due to the special reflective glasses. The composition of different kinds of glasses and aluminum profile systems was specially created for this project. The office building has a skylight of 383 m2 with 4 x 2 meter glasses that provide a lot of natural daylight to the building and its employees.
Our total scope of work in this building is:
  • 4 300 m2 of unitized and 1 160 m2 of stick curtain walls with an additional 380 m2 of stick system façade for the glass roof.
  • We are responsible for the full façade scope: design, project management, production, installation and transportation.