Location: Švedija, Skellefteå
Main contractor: HENT AS
Architect: White Arkitekter
Developer: Skellefteå kommun
Completion: 2021
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Scope of works: Contract under Lignas AB: 3 100 m2 wood-glass facades; 3 000 m2 aluminum-glass facades; 7 700 m2 external double-glazed facade; 4 100 m2 ventilated Superwood wooden finish facade

Sara Cultural Center is a stately, 20-story wooden building that combines innovative architecture with innovative technology. This cultural Centre in Skellefteå is one of the world’s tallest timber buildings to date.

Our subsidiary company Lignas AB was responsible for the facades in this 19-floor multi-functional purpose project which was built by a well-known company HENT.

Lignas AB scope of work:

  • 3 100 m2 wood-glass facades
  • 3 000 m2 aluminum-glass facades
  • 7 700 m2 external double-glazed facade
  • 4 100 m2 ventilated Superwood wooden finish facade

This building will be composed of a culture center (bottom floors) and an “Elite Hotel” (top floors). The main holding carcass is exceptionally designed from CLT elements.

Almost 80-meters-high building is the tallest in Sweden and one of the tallest buildings in the world, which is made out of wood.

Lignas AB engineering team in collaboration with the White architects team has created unique facade solutions. It was proven, that wood can harmoniously combine main structures and internal and external design solutions.

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