Location: Švedija, Uppsala
Main contractor: AB Arcona
Architect: Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
Completion: 2015
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

A modern renovation project was carried out at the center of Uppsala. Here one of the largest Swedish shops Åhléns was established. The renovated building has a double facade – the constructions are covered by a stainless-steel shell, which creates a sparkling effect. The project does not include any right angles, they are replaced by bent double-glazed units.

This was another challenging project because of the building location at the centre of Uppsala. Most constructions were attached to the already existing building, which is why precise accuracy was necessary during the production and construction phases. The total construction area was 1400 square meters. Schüco FW50.SI and FW50.SG.SI systems were used for this project.